Monday, October 02, 2006

Who is Nemu?

I will tell all of you mortals a little about myself. I am what you would call a water faery or an Ashray. Ashrays are found under water around Scotland. Ashrays are both male and female, and look to be about twenty years old when in fact they are rather ancient. They have white wings sort of like a swan's wings. I prefer the dark lochs to the sea, but the rest of my kind reside under the northern sea and cannot remain on land. Since I am half-human, I am able to stay on land, but sunlight is my enemy. A full-blooded Ashray will melt into a pool of rainbow colored water if touched by the sun's rays. I am fortunate that I will not melt, but I will get a nasty sunburn. Our skin is very white, almost translucent. Some mortals refer to us as sea ghosts. We are not evil beings, but anger me and see what will happen. I jest with you. Really. :)

My father was human and he caught my mother in his fishing net. She had to return to the sea, but I stayed with my father. Though I chose to stay on land, I still love water and cannot resist swimming naked in the moonlight in a dark loch.

Ashrays are not like other faeries. They were once human and cursed for a misdeed to live under the sea. For many centuries I did not know what this misdeed what or who cursed my kind.

What really happened is still too painful for me to talk about.

I have allowed one mortal to speak for me and tell my stories. Of Water and Dragons is the first book about me and my mortal lover, Ambiorix. Ravenwolf is the second book, which goes deeper into my past. From time to time, I will talk about these books and my experiences living among the Celts as a druid and my time before that when I was a goddess of vengeance.

I have knowledge of magic and herbs, which I will share with you from time to time. And I will also share with you my experiences throughout history and the fascinating people ( and creatures) that I have met on my journey through life.

Below is a link to a web page with a list of different faeries.

Vive Ut Vivas
'live that you may live forever'


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