Monday, March 03, 2008


It has been quiet here in the hollow and I forgot how fast time moves in the earthly realm. So much time has passed!

I have a visitor today. She is not what I would call a friend because she tried to change bodies with me and steal my love, but we have been allies before so I guess we are acquaintances. Morrigan is a goddess with a varied past and has had many names in different lands. I think she is misunderstood because most people think she is only a war goddess when the truth is, she is also a love goddess. With her capricious nature, any mortal tempted to contact her should use caution. She favors warriors and is attracted to battles, but long ago she was a love goddess associated with rebirth and fertility. This was in Cyprus near what is now called Turkey. Her peaceful existence came to an end when northern invaders who worshiped Sky Gods came and destroyed her temples. Her many names have been Aphrodite, Ishtar, Innana, Astarte and then she was reborn in Alba and Eriu as Morrigan. Most people are taught about the Olympic Greek gods, but there were gods before referred as the Titans. Aphrodite was a Titan, a pre-Hellenic goddess who was made out to be a silly love goddess by the classical Greek writers. As Ishtar, Innana and Astarte, she had aspects of a war and love goddess, but it was not until she became Morrigan that she really embraced the side of a war goddess. She is a shapeshifter and favors the shape of a raven or hooded crow. Morrigan is also a goddess associated with prophecies and has been known to appear before a warrior (washing his bloody clothes in a stream) who is doomed to fall in battle. She is neither good nor evil, but she should not be crossed for she does not let these slights go easily as I have learned. So, heed the appearance of a raven or crow before a battle, but if a maiden with fiery red and black hair appears to you minus the bloody clothes, it may be your lucky day in love. With Morrigan, nothing is ever predictable.


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