Monday, November 13, 2006

What are Faeries?

There seems to be a misconception about faeries and where they came from. First of all, not all faeries are as tiny as butterflies. There are many different types of faeries and some are as tall as humans. I am in the latter group. Some faeries can shapeshift and some are good while others behave badly. One rule to follow is that trooping faeries are usually friendly and solitary faeries can be mean. Though I am alone I am not mean unless provoked.

Where did we come from? I know where I came from, but I cannot vouch for the other faeries. We have been called fallen angels and devils by some. We are neither good nor evil. Perhaps we are nature spirits, at least some of us are. We are everywhere--in the water, woods, earth and air. We live all over the world. Perhaps we are just part of the universe, unseen, but there to remind mortals of the elements and nature.

Faeries love music (I love to sing), nature, hunting, dancing, animals, and teasing and spying on humans whose odd ways puzzle and intrigue them. Some faeries just like to play practical jokes on humans because they have nothing better to do.

Are faeries immortal? We can be killed, but I will not reveal how. That would be really stupid of me.

Faeries come in different sexes, can be small or large, beautiful or ugly. Just like mortals, we are all different. And just like mortals we have feelings. So the next time you meet a faerie be kind to him or her, and maybe you will not have any tricks played on you.

Remember, faeries are the voice of those things such as rocks, trees, springs, everything in nature that cannot speak out. Be kind to nature and the fae folk will probably be kind to you.